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Can You Fix Tissue Damage

By Jacob Russell

Soft tissue injury is just what the name implies : injury to any of the soft tissues of the body. Such wounds can occur in the skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons. They're commonly due to overuse and impact.

These sort of injuries aren't unusual in athletes, but can happen to anybody and are frequently noticed after a tedious day of gardening, doing work round the house, and doing repeated heavy lifting at work.

While a great preventive measure against soft tissue damage is stretching before unnecessary exercise and listening to the body's caution signals, what percentage of us actually stretch before gardening or clearing out the garage? Even highly trained athletes are well-known for not stretching correctly. Then we feel the discomfort after it's too late.

Unfortunately, soft tissue injuries can take a while to heal, frequently weeks, months or even years depending on the extremity. Treating the injury fast and correctly is crucial to helping the body in the process of recovery.

What are the symptoms of soft tissue damage?

The extremity and nature of soft tissue injury symptoms will alter dependent on the cause and location. Aside from the obvious agony you'll feel, other localized symptoms can include :

-inflammation in the affected area


-muscle seizures

-muscle weakness

-increase and decrease in discomfort dependent on use and rest of area affected

How Does Whey Protein Support the Recovery from a Soft Tissue Injury?

In simple terms proteins such as those in whey are made of amino acids. These amino acids help your body add muscle after an exercise session. They also get delivered to the muscle fibres and augment the recovery process post-injury.

Undenatured whey protein, a by-product of cheese production, has the highest known levels of branched chain amino acids of any natural food source. It's these raised levels that give whey protein its name for being so effective at muscle tissue repair [*T]. In particular, the amino acids glutamine and leucine help to reduce soft tissue damage.

In short , if you've suffered a soft tissue injury and you want to speed up the recovery process, give your body the support it needs and take a top quality whey protein. In fact , while we may not understand the complex healing processes going on within the body, discomfort is our caution signal that something has gone wrong and the body is in major healing mode.

Any time the body is getting over an injury, it requires enormous amounts of energy to try the recovery process and get you well again. And that requires good nutritive support including good protein. Your food is your fuel. So make sure it's premium grade.

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