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3 great tips

People often think that in order to reach their Fat Loss goals they have to be perfect all the time. Not true.

Do you think I never "fall off the wagon"?

...Like the brownies at the last party I went to holding me hostage in one corner of the room, rendering me completely helpless with no emergency organic carrots in sight.

Yes, yes, that was me.....

The trick here is getting away from this downward spiral ASAP. You've got to get right back on the wagon right where you fell off and for most of us that's just 1-2 healthy meals away. The biggest mistake you can make is throwing in the towel. I promise one bad meal, or a few bad foods are no reason to give up on a lifestyle of healthy eating. Every once in a while, it can actually be a good break from your regular routine and may even help to keep your metabolism high (But that is a good topic for another day.)

Here are my "Isabel Damage Control Tips". They will get you back on track and feeling back to your normal (or not so normal) healthy self faster than you can say "brownie".

    1. Eliminate wheat and dairy for 2-3 days after the "incident". I know what you're thinking...."What does this girl have against wheat and dairy?" Well for starters they are the 2 most inflammatory foods that cause bloating in most people. Not to mention when people overeat, it is usually on wheat and dairy foods: cookies, cakes, ice-cream, pasta, bread. Ever heard of anyone overdosing on brown rice? Or poultry? Doesn't really happen. If it has wheat or dairy, just eliminate it from your meal plan until you are back on track with your healthy eating and rid of the "after party bloat".

    2. Drink tons of water! Of course, this rule is applicable all the time, but after a "binge" water is even more important. I also like to add a few squeezes of fresh lemon in my water for the "detoxifying" effects. Fresh lemon helps to cleanse the liver and a squeaky clean liver will assist in your weight loss efforts.

    3. Add in some extra walking. If I've packed in one too many calories, I get my body moving even more. Just adding in an extra 20 minutes of walking for the next few days gets me feeling back on track. I have even taken a trip to the mall just to do laps around the place. I get to people watch, see what's on sale, and burn calories all at the same time.

Remember, you are establishing a new way of healthy eating for life. One night, one meal, or a few bad foods can't stop you from achieving your goals.

Keep up the great work!

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