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Bad Sleep Patterns Will Lead to Weight Gain

By Wilson, Mrs. C. M.

A healthy weight loss diet will take into consideration all kinds of fat triggers, versus simply outlining a food eating program. You might be surprised to learn that you will have a 70% chance of being obese over time if you get less than four hours of sleep every night, on average. At least recent studies have shown this fact. A sleep pattern of only six hours will increase food cravings, increase fat deposits around your middle section and a lower metabolism.

So what happens, biologically, when you don't sleep well? Sleep deprivation puts your body in a chronic state of stress. Stress elevates cortisol levels and stimulates insulin secretion, which activates your FAT programs and puts your body in fat storage mode.

Just a few small changes in your evening habits can improve your ability to sleep soundly. Here are some tips to get you started:

- Never watch TV right before you fall asleep, because it actually alters your brain chemicals that cause poor sleep patterns

x Be sure your room is dark and cool and get as comfortable as possible

*If possible, avoid eating anything 3 hours before bed

x Caffeinated drinks including black, green and white tea will affect your sleep patterns negatively if consumed in the afternoon

*Take hot a bath or shower before bed

x Falling asleep to relaxation Cd's will help your sleep patterns throughout the night

Be sure that you don't have sleep apnea because it will sabotage your weight loss efforts. If you are more than 100 pounds over weight, or you snore or breathe heavy during sleep, then ask your doctor about getting tested. We hope these quick weight loss tips are of assistance, and will help you in your weight management goals.

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