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Exercise for Women: Fact and Fiction

By Mike Caton

As a personal trainer of women of all ages (also males) upwards of 25 years, I feel pretty confident that I know what you really are in search of after you search "exercises for women". You want to exercise to get in good shape, but make sure you don't find yourself looking like a male. Your requirements are weight loss, lowered fat, firm, but not enormous, muscles, and a fit, yet feminine, physique.

I can't speak for all physical exercises that men perform, yet could state that most men's exercises could also be women's exercises. There exists an understandable misconception that particular physical exercises may make you look more masculine while others might make you appear more feminine. The truth is our genetics together with hormones determine what we are going to look like far more than our exercises.

A male and female performing the identical physical exercises will have completely different results. A male will normally obtain a growth in muscle size along with a decrease in body fat. A woman will have less muscle development which results in less fat loss. Women need to do additional exercising to attain equivalent weight loss than males. But regardless, their muscles will not build the way that men's do. Females undertaking the same workouts (with ordinary female hormones, and presuming right diet) generally get smaller when they get leaner. I'm confident you've looked at lots of images of females with rippling muscles like men, that doesn't suggest I'm wrong. The majority of are supplementing with male hormones to achieve a degree of muscularity that only a guy can attain. There are a few exceptions, nevertheless.

As a coach, I typically connect the expression exercise with resistance or strength-training. If you are browsing more fundamentally for various exercise activities.

For a woman to attain success her greatest odds may come from a mixture of weight lifting and some form of cardio activities. Also, daily training, as opposed to, each alternate day is much more suggested. This will help to sustain an elevated fat burning capacity resulting in using more extra calories 24/7.

Again, most exercises will work fine for both men and women. So, feel confident that an exercise you've seen can work for you. But, if you're still wary, when doing the exercise, stick with lower weight and higher repetitions. This approach minimizes a female's chance of increasing muscle size. So, the exercises can be the same as for men, but the repetitions and intensity might differ.

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