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How To Prepare The Kombucha Recipe As A Health Drink

By Nea Brown

To many the name Kombucha sounds a bit weird and is unknown by many. But with all this many people continue to enjoy this hot and fizzy drink which has a rather tangy taste. Traditional Kombucha recipe involves the fermentation process in the making of this mystic concoction comprising of yeast and active bacteria. In other parts of the world the drink is commonly referred to as mushroom tea despite the fact that it contains no mushrooms.

Originally the drink is thought to have originated from China though some records state that this may not be as clear as thought before. It is clear though that back then it was known as the elixir of long life. Today it is known and referred to by millions as the mushroom tea which is in contrast as this blend does not contain any trails of mushroom.

For those at home you can enjoy this drink within the confinement of your house as in this article you will be able to learn what you need and all the basic steps involved in the brewing of this drink. As stated in the upper paragraph, the preparation of this drink is rather simple. All you need are a couple of thing s and you are set.

For this recipe, you need: fresh culture, a cup of white sugar, and 100 grams of black, green or white tea per. A pot or a kettle of up to 4 liters, a glass container of equal volume, two bottles, rubber bands and a clean piece of cotton. You also need clean water and a source of heat.

After the fermentation is complete take, which usually takes roughly a week or so. It is recommended that you start off with brewing small quantities such as 2 liters then make way to larger volumes. Start off by making tea in the usual way. For every liter of water, pour in about two tea spoonfuls of the chosen tea. Leave the tea leaves to boil for a roughly 16 minutes.

The next step is to sieve out the tea leaves from the mix using a clean sieve or tea bags in the event you choose to use them. Thirdly, add between 70 to 100 grams of sugar for every liter of water into the mixture you have just strained quickly before it cools down. Stir the resultant mixture until the sugar dissolves.

The reason as to why this concoction is so common today is a no brainer as there are numerous advantages associated with it. Among them being the fact that it helps in the prevention of cancer, helps in detoxification process, increased immunity, enhanced vitality, cellular construction and overall improvement in the digestion process.

Key benefits associated with this drink include boosting of the immune system, cancer prevention, improved digestion, and improved liver efficiency among others. It is clear that with a Kombucha recipe, anyone wishing to prepare this drink can do so with so much ease.

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