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Maximize Your Bench Press

By Tyron Thompson

Whether you haven't lifted a weight in your life, or you've been on the bench press for years , the current page is bound to help you increase your one rep maximum bench press.

1] Perfect practice makes perfect results - There's a link at the base of this article to a video which will show you what your bench press should look like.

2] Don't bench press anything that you are able to lift more than twenty times, and if you're new to the bench press avoid basically attempting your one rep max or anything you cant lift at least ten times until you build up your tendon and ligament strength, as they take more time to develop than your tangible muscles. An injury early in your coaching is maybe the very worst thing that might happen to you, but after around a month of training you should be well able to attempt your first one rep max on the bench press.

3] After you're feeling you have completed step two, you will want to focus upon large weights that cause you to reach failure somewhere between one and ten reps the lower the better, but it's great to change it up now and then or your body will get used to you workouts causing a plateau in progress. Add weight to the bar when you can do more than ten reps, if your goal is a powerful 1 rep max.

4] REST! REST! REST! Never work out two days in a row. Working out isn't where you build strength and muscle, its when you are resting that your body gets the opportunity to recover and build new muscle. After a good work out you require at least one full day of rest to recover.

However , to accelerate your results even further I suggest you take a full day without exercising at all, and work out a totally different muscle group the next day followed by another day of rest, and follow that pattern. This may release the most of the indispensable muscle building hormones.

4] Diet and nutrition are extremely important for your progress and development. Look at it this way : back in the 1800's it was considered super human to be able to bench press more than 2 hundred lbs. Well these day's getting to two hundred lbs wont get any major attention. The explanation is simple:getting ample amounts of the right nutrition, and a sizeable quantity of calories has been made easier and simpler over the years. So , what must you be eating?

You want a lot of protein to increase muscle, good sources include meat, eggs, nuts, beans, and if you cant afford all that, any protein powder will do. But confirm your getting plenty of carbohydrates and healthy omega 3 trans acids as well as your body can not add muscle without them. Here's a link to a list of foods you should be eating to help increase strength :

5] You've got to stay inspired while your working out. It's that easy. If you do not push your body to finish failure, it will not need to add muscle and strength. You have got to trick your body into assuming you are going to die if you can't lift more and more weight whenever you workout.

Because of this it is vital that you have got a spotter. ( so you do not essentially die when you fail ). I suggest that you take a caffeine tablet before each work out. Caffeine releases adrenaline and dopamine in your body, and I can not even begin to explain all of the benefits this will have on your results. Eventually I will be able to post an article primarily about the results of caffeine. One thing more, listening to your favourite up beat music can turbo-charge your incentive substantially also.

6] Keep your body in a state of anabolism. What does anabolism mean? Its straightforward it means building new tissues in your body, and it's the exact opposite of catabolism. Its is most unlikely to add muscle unless you are in an anabolic state. In other words the more anaboilc hormones you have coursing through your veins the quicker you may create muscle and strength.

So possibly thinking about how to increase these hormones, and there are countless ways. The legal and natural ways that are the most highly efficient are getting lots of sleep and rest, avoiding soy products, eating foods carb-heavy and fats, and I hope it does not come to this but the are thousands of supplements out there that may increase your anabolic hormones, but to each their own.

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