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Maximize Your Workout

By Philip Sergey

Ever taken a look round your gymnasium to see what the people around you are doing?

Do you question if the workout they do will help you accomplish your own physical goals quicker?

Those are a couple of inquiries to ponder as you keep reading this, but the fact is there is almost always a 'better ' lift to do than most of the lifts that you see people performing at your gymnasium.

For example, today a couple in my own gym took it on themselves to do a variety of exercises working their body from head to toe, or so they thought.

Their workout started with some dumbbell shoulder shrugs. That exercise targets the trapezius muscles that, if large enough, might make you look like you haven't got any neck.

On the surface of things that would appear to be a healthy exercise to do, but if you dig a bit deeper you will find that exercise does little in the way of helping you burn even the most minute of calories.

Let us look at it mathematically. The quantity of work done is the same as the force times the distance you're moving that force and the amount of times that you are moving that force. As an example, if one was to use 30-pound dumbbells you could move that weight an overall total of three inches maximum. The trapezius muscles are not that large therefore don't have the range the larger muscle groups do.

So that 30-pound weight moved 3 inches, 10 times, gives us a bunch of nine hundred. The unit of measure at about that point is irrelevant.

Now let's have a look at an alternative exercise, the military press. This exercising is done with an Olympic bar pressing it from about your chin all of the way above your head until your arms about fully extended.

For this exercise we only utilised the weight of the bar which is 45-pounds. If you make the motion as if you were performing the exercise you might notice that the distance that bar is going to travel is around 24 inches or more depending on your size, and that was done for an overall total of 10 repetitions. So 45-pounds, times 24-inches, times 10 repetitions gives us a bunch of 10,800- again the unit of measure is unimportant. It only becomes relevant if we were to work out that number into calories burned.

On the surface, doing the military press was twelve times more effective than doing a dumbbell shrug, and that was with only the 45-pound bar.

This is just one example of one way to see if you're getting the best from your workout . Many of us are insensible to some of the exercises that they decide to do and just do anything that is evoked. You only have so much energy when you hit the gymnasium floor, make it count and put it toward exercises which will give you the bang for you buck.

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