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Tips on how to gain pounds and build muscle mass

By Soo Beaudette

While a great number of adult men and women battle to drop body weight, there are many out there who fight to find the best possible method to gain body weight and develop muscle mass. In case you intend to gain body weight and grow solid muscle, you may want to eat a few extra calories each and every day.

You will have to work out to maximize lean muscle, but you will have to make sure that you aren't exercising and training way too much because you will be losing bodyweight instead of putting it on. Consuming more calories everyday doesn't mean that you must eat junk food either.

If you want to learn how to gain weight and lean muscle, think about eating meals rich in proteins and focusing on strength training.

There are a few general rules and techniques to gain healthy body weight and build hard muscle.

Eat a bit more calories each dayThe total number of extra kilo calories you'll want to eat to gain body weight will depend on how easily you process food as well as how much you plan to work out. To do this you need to use a basal metabolic rate (BMR) calculator. You will find one anywhere on the net.

Eat up to Five to six servings each and every day to ensure that you consume plenty and still have endless stamina. It could be difficult to get most of the calories you need having just one dish per day. Breaking up meals helps you to add more calories to your everyday intake without becoming too stuffed and chubby.

Consume the perfect food products to develop muscle. Food items high in sugar and bad fats, such as sweets, potato chips or French fried potatoes, could help you put on weight, but they will not increase your lean muscle. Stick to protein-rich food products, like lean poultry, fish, beans, and nuts. Nuts and certain fish, such as salmon, can provide both healthy proteins and nutritious fats. And if you can not get that or don't have enough time, you can always take a high protein energy bar.

I am sorry , but it is almost impossible to build muscle mass when you don't work out. In case you already do exercise, bear in mind you'll put on weight and muscle mass sooner when you exercise with a bit heavier weights fewer times rather than when you lift less heavy weight a lot more times. Aim to work out your entire body to develop muscle. For this purpose the most effective exercises are squats and dead lifts. Try to do those a lot.

Get plenty of sleep since your body requires time to recover for muscles to grow. Try to have a minimum of 7 hours of good sleep each night. Work out about four times per week to gain lean muscle without being injured. It's extremely inconvenient if you are not able to work out because you have hurt your body by forcing it too much.

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