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Will Creatine Supplements Help You To Build Muscle

By Russ Howe

The world of bodybuilding supplements is often confusing and there are thousands of people in the world trying to figure out how to build muscle effectively. Today, we are going to be looking into creatine supplements and explaining what they do and whether or not you should be using one.

With so much confusion in the fitness industry in general, it's sometimes quite nice just to find some straightforward advice.

One of the best things about working in the health and fitness sector is helping people to understand their body and get into the shape they want, whatever that my be. However, we all know at least one person in our lives who likes to complicate the situation and over analyze everything when it comes to supplements. They'll often lose the interest of the person they were initially trying to help in the first place as they go off on an ego trip to show their knowledge.

The bottom line is all the knowledge in the world is useless if you don't know how to communicate it properly.

How many times have you seen products which claim to give you life-changing effects? We're guessing too many times. It's time to find out what you are doing rather than continuing to get sucked in by marketing lines.

This particular supplement has been around for over twenty years and is a substance which your body actually produces when you need to perform big, explosive movements like sprinting or heavy lifting. The theory behind it, which has been proven since, is that by taking additional amounts of this product alongside your body's natural resources of it you will increase your ability to perform those explosive movements.

Basically, these increased stores of this substance result in your ability to lift slightly heavier weights for slightly longer periods of time.

That's the product in a nutshell. It increases your body's ability to draw on that massive, exploding power it uses for big movements.

Now for the all important question. Will the product give you a more muscular physique? The answer is no, it will not. At least, it won't directly give you a more muscular physique. Think about it, all it does is increase your 'ability' to lift slightly heavier than you may do right now. You still have to actually go put the work in yourself. If you took this product and didn't exercise, you'd see no change.

One area where people don't expect to come unstuck is choosing which blend of this supplement to use. There is more than one type of this product and all the major companies will have a range of different options, ranging from pills, to powders, to drinks.

If you are basing your decision on which blend has the most clinical research to back it up then your choice is very easy. The oldest form, monohydrate, is miles ahead of any other type.

That may sound shocking in a world where people are always trying to get you to buy the most expensive version of everything, but the original form of the supplement has far more scientific research behind it than any other form, even the most expensive ones.

So, if you want to know how to build muscle and you are looking at using a creatine supplement as a way to enhance your results in the gym, our recommendation is to start with a simple monohydrate product and take things from there. Now you know the facts on what it does, you should be able to push to the next level.

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