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Reach Your Fitness Goals With The Right Weight Lifting Workout

By Emmanuel Palmer

Reach Your Fitness Goals With The Right Weight Lifting Workout

Let me ask you a question, how does hanging out with beautiful people and getting special favors sound? Great, right? If you want a lifestyle similar to that, you can either go out and get a record deal; or look as good as you possible can with what you have today. If you don't have a naturally muscled frame that's alright-all you need are determination and motivation to achieve your goals.

We will begin with learning the science behind how to build bigger muscle. When you exercise, the heavy weights that the body lifts put tears in the muscles. Rest, especially a good night's sleep, help restore and build up the tissue to endure the stress put upon it-hence the bigger muscles that physical training results in. Here is an effective weight lifting workout designed to help your body pack on the muscles you've always wanted.

Before you train, always do a minimum of 10 to 30 minute aerobic exercise to get your blood flowing to your heart, lungs and muscle tissues. Warm up and stretching, increases your body's temperature, preparing your body for the physical stress it is about to endure in the next hour or so. Stretching between sets is helpful, especially in easing muscle soreness in the next few days.

You will find an assortment of machines and drills that you can utilize for your training. The important thing is to strategize and plan your training and establish the frequency, reps/sets and weights you will be using to fully maximize the muscle groups you exercise on any given day.

When you are starting out, use lower weights and do 2 to three sets of 12 repetitions in your drills. Choose the correct weight by finding out what load will tire your target muscle by the 12th repetition. Try different weights on subsequent work outs to experiment. Rest periods between sets should be about 60 to 90 seconds if you're aiming to build bigger muscle.

Experienced trainers will suggest a two to four day training to maximize your work out sessions-allowing you to focus and work hard on specific muscle groups on certain days. Try dividing between your upper (back, chest, arms, shoulders) and lower (legs, stomach) body if that works for you. You can also train muscle groups that work together on the same days. Remember to exercise according to the size; start with the larger muscles first before proceeding with the smaller ones.

These are some drills you can use for your workout: Stomach- crunches and leg raises Arms- dips, close-grip bench press and barbell curls Shoulders- dumbbell rear felt flyes and military press (standing and sitting) Back- lat pull downs,T-bar rows and deadlifts Chest- barbell bench press, decline bench press and incline bench press Legs- lunges, leg presses and squats

Always take plenty of fluids, around 10 to 12 glasses of water, to fuel your body during workout sessions. Do not forget to cool down by stretching thoroughly after exercise and consult with your therapist immediately for any unusual pain you feel in your joints and muscles. Now you have an excellent weight lifting workout-- go forth and multiply your muscles.

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