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The Foundation Of Excellent Weight Training Program

By Emmanuel Palmer

If you ask me what makes a great weight training program, I will have to tell you that equally as important as the drills that comprise it, are the factors that undergird it. Read on to learn more about helpful information to arm you as you go to the gym and execute the best muscle building exercises for the great body you've always wanted to have.

High intensity and periodization are the two main schools of thought used today for weight training. High intensity workouts are short and very physically demanding, with much of the drills executed until failure. Periodization allows you to get to your destination at a somewhat more leisurely pace of around two to three months. You start at light, then proceed to medium and then high level every couple of weeks. The focus here are the collective gains the body earns at the end of training and not at the end of every session.

The better method if the two is that which is most beneficial for you. This means practice what your body responds best to. Usually it is an integration of both. Only keep in mind that you need to change the drills every few weeks. This is because your body remembers the trauma you have put upon it; and when it conditions itself to anticipate your next move, training will not be as productive as it was. Constantly challenge yourself by using different weights and exercises often.

The power triumvirate of serious bodybuilders is weight training, rest and nutrition. For the more inexperienced trainers, the latter two usually not as given much attention; however, it needs to be said that all three are equally essential to the success of your training. Like for resting; when you exercise and put little tears in the muscle, it is rest that repairs it and develops the tissue to become the stronger and harder muscles that you enjoy. When you work out certain days; use the remaining days of the week to concentrate on getting good sleep.

For a bodybuilder's diet, the best muscle building food are those that are rich in protein and carbohydrates. This means include a lot of lean meat and whole grains in your meals. As much as you are able, do not eat a lot of food high in fat to complete your calorie quota for the day. Instead, consider consuming protein shakes and recommended muscle building supplements to fill in the needed nutrients.

Also, make time for a thorough stretching before training. Warm ups and stretching can spell the difference between a good workout session from a great one. Doing these increases your body temperature and blood flow, as well as enhances the body's flexibility - ensuring your body's optimal performance. Practice stretching also between sets.

When you are building muscle and bulking up, aerobic training that serve to burn calories should be limited to a couple of hours a week. However, this is not to mean to take this away from your regimen altogether. Cardiovascular workouts are essential for your heart's health. As you near your ideal weight, increase the frequency and minutes of aerobic training for maintenance.

A successful weight training program will not make itself known overnight. Sometimes you gets hits and misses but you will find your own rhythm soon enough. The important thing is that you are making an effort to get to your goals and your reward will not be long in coming if you keep at it no matter what.

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