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How To Build Muscle With Five Easy Rules

By Russ Howe

How To Build Muscle With Five Easy Rules

The next time you visit your gym we want you to ask a Fitness Instructor how many times they are quizzed on how to build muscle by gym members who are lost. You'll be shocked at the answer. It seems the advances made in science over the last twenty five years or so have not made a speck of difference to most people, who are still completely lost on this subject.

If you're one of the many who feel lost on this topic we're going to help you right now.

Before we begin it is important to point out that there are various ways to get results and almost unlimited variations on training and diet. That's why if you ask ten different people for advice you will more than likely get ten completely different answers. While it's great to have that much variety at your fingertips it often holds people back instead of helping them. They feel they cannot get any further forward because no matter what they do they hear somebody telling that that they're training is incorrect...

Don't let anybody tell you that you need to train their way or give you the false impression that they know 'the secret' and everybody else is doing things wrong. Those are the type of trainers or fitness enthusiasts who are bad teachers as they have closed minds and will simply teach what might work for them, not realizing that everybody is different.

Today we shall take a look at some simple rules which, if applied over time, will provide a rock solid foundation for you to build upon. We have used these techniques with seasoned athletes, gym newcomers and reknowned hard gainers alike. To put it bluntly, they work!

Before you head off to the gym you need to do something which will build the starting blocks for your future results. Muscle ain't built in a workout, it's built in the kitchen. If your diet plan is off you will not get the results your hard work on the iron is worth.

By the time you next visit the gym you should have your diet completely sorted out so that you can begin getting immediate results. We will teach you how to do it. One of the biggest misunderstandings in fitness is people believe their diet is something they cannot work out for themselves. They get sucked into celebrity diet fads which don't work. The truth is it's easy to get this sorted out.

If you write down your body weight, i.e. the weight you wish to be, in pounds and then multiply the number by fifteen you will get a great ballpark figure for your total calorific intake. This figure is to be used as a rough guide, try to hit around this mark each day and you will be firmly on the right track. If you'd like to add size but don't want to grow too big too quickly then swap out the fifteen for a twelve in the first step.

So we now have a base figure for our diet. This already puts you ahead of the majority of other people training at your gym because despite it being very simple, most fitness enthusiasts never take the time to learn how to do this and wonder why they never get results.

Your training program will need attention too, naturally. Your workouts cannot be just random and they cannot be built to simply suit your personal tastes. When people ask us where they went wrong it's common to discover that they've simply been leaving in their favorite exercises and cutting anything which didn't feed their ego quite as much. Compound exercises are the spine of your routine, build your workout around your big lifts for maximum results and try to aim your rep range in the muscle growth zone, which is eight to twelve reps.

That is the foundation of a good program but there are a couple of other things you can do to further enhance your results.

The amount of rest you get is paramount to your results. Many of us dismiss the importance of rest and believe we don't really need it as much as doctor's and scientists tend to make out. That's their loss, don't let it be your downfall. Your body needs rest just as much as it needs a healthy diet and exercise.

Start out with a three day routine and then progress to a four day routine after you have been training for more than two months. You can train more often and you will notice some people doing this, but you need to get the recovery period perfect otherwise it holds you back, so it's wise to start with a smart plan.

Finally we would like to bring sleep to you attention. That's correct, how much sleep you get at night is going to directly affect your journey to a bigger, better body. While you sleep your body recovers from the day's expenditure. If you've put in a tough gym session today your body will work while you sleep with the release of natural growth hormone to ensure that you wake up tomorrow a little bit stronger and tougher than you were twenty four hours ago. Miss out on a good night's sleep at your peril.

Natural growth hormone is released while your body recuperates from the day's work. If you don't get a decent night of sleep and you like to be up again on just a couple of hours rest you will notice it becomes much harder to get any results with your fitness. Your gym sessions will suffer as will your mood in general.

How are things going so far? Have you managed to stay with us as we've got through the steps? Well here is the good news, you're actually finished. Easier than you thought it was going to be, wasn't it? If you have been asking how to build muscle for years and not getting anywhere you are now firmly in a position from which you can build the body you have always aspired to own. You didn't even need to hire a personal trainer to do it.

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