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Tips For Simple In Home Workouts To Remain Healthier

By Adele Madden

In the present time people are generally living longer than before and trying to maintain their health longer as well. Who plans to be 50 years old and unable to go out and do some yard work. It is true that simple in home workouts typically will not help you to build massive muscles, they can help you stay fitter and also stay healthy longer.

Staying healthy is very important and part of staying healthy is implementing an exercise program into your daily routine. Their has been a lot of misinformation about exercise by the media, different books, and people who just want to get rich quickly. There are many things that people can do that do not involve free weights and expensive machines. Lets take a look at some simple exercises that everyone can do to help them stay healthy and stay alive longer.

Everyone who went to school and took PE likely knows of the side straddle hop. Commonly just called jumping jacks, they can be a great way to increase your heart rate to burn off unwanted calories. A quick set of 25 will be good for stretching and warming up your muscles before trying other more strenuous exercises.

Push-ups are also a common way to begin strengthening your back, arms, legs and abbs. There are various different forms anyone may use. There is the bent knee, the straight back, the plank and the one armed. It is vital to use proper form when your are doing them. A set of ten placed between other difficult exercises is a fine way to begin. If you have any difficulties, try standing against the wall and carefully push away from it starting out.

Leg lifts and crunches are also a good way to tone up your legs and abbs. A small set of 20 are good to get started with. If you have problems lifting your legs when they are straight, try to bend them slightly. Remember that a crunch is not a complete sit up, rather it is just bringing your body slightly off the ground. Always use good form, and keep your back straight.

Jogging in place also is a wonderful exercise which can be done almost anywhere at any time. It is good for your body and heart. You can practice this for around 10 minutes each day while listing to the radio or watching tv.

Its hard to believe but dancing is a great way to burn some extra weight off and raise your standing heart rate. Most of us are probability not great dancers, this is not crucial. What is crucial though is that you can move around. Just remember you are in your own house and nobody can see you.

None of these in home workouts are that difficult to do. What it comes down to is setting aside 20 or 30 min every day to do something that will make you feel better for years to come. Staying healthy is something everyone can find time to do, whether it is in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night before you go to bed.

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