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Five of the Best Endurance Sports for Burning Fat and Losing Weight

 Endurance sports don't have to be dull and boring and are different for everyone. Some people don't like walking, while others don't like running. We are all individuals with the same goal that is to burn fat and lose weight forever. By doing an endurance sport you like, can become a life changing event. Do you know what the best endurance sports are for burning fat and losing weight and why this would be so? Well I will tell you. There are five excellent endurance sports that assist you in burning fat and reaching you weight loss goal.

Running has always been the original movement pattern and still the most popular endurance sport. Various surveys have revealed that several million people jog twice a week or more. Running is the optimal cardiovascular and fat burning training form. There are many advantages of running these include; high calorie consumption, it is an easy technique anyone can learn, it's cheap while suiting any age. The best thing about running is it's also free and independent from gyms and clubs.

Swimming is a healthy, weight reducing and recreational activity all rolled into one. This particular exercise is fantastic for the whole body as it provides strength and endurance to many of the muscle groups. Swimming is something you can do at any age and is low risk and impact on your body.

Rollerblading is an extremely popular new sport, millions take part in it. The reason it's become an ideal endurance sport for fat burning and weight loss is due to the high level of calories that a burnt while rollerblading. It is more gentle on your ankles, knees and spine than running and jogging. Once you have the gear, rollerblading is free.

"Walking is the best medicine". Walking is a low impact sport that has the right intensity. it is the best sport for weight reduction. It is a sport which is particularly suitable for people with joint problems or are overweight. It is often better than jogging for some people as they can gain optimal endurance with walking. It is a fantastic outdoor sport and comes freely to all.

5-Aqua Jogging
Aqua jogging is a whole body exercise without stressing the joints or muscles. Aqua jogging is becoming more established alongside the traditional endurance sports of walking and jogging. Aqua jogging is a low impact cardiovascular training. It stimulates your metabolism rate and is physically and mentally relaxing. It is risk free. These advantages and the specific effects of the water on the human body make aqua jogging optimally suited for losing weight.

The most important thing to remember is you want to have as much fun as possible, helping you to burn fat and lose weight. You want to ensure some or all of these endurance sports become part of your life and not a chore. If you are not motivated or dislike the sport the chances of you keeping the routine up is virtually impossible. So instead of thinking about doing an endurance sport, why don't you choose one and see if it suits you. This way you will be on the path to a healthier and fitter you for life. You never know it may help in you losing the extra weight, making you a happier person for life also.

Five Endurance Sports for Burning Fat and Losing Weight- Ruth E. Cornell
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