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Is Diet More Important Than Exercising

By Howe Russ

You have probably heard people in gyms around the world asking the question is diet more important than exercise so today we are going to help you get to the bottom of this popular issue.

It would seem the typical answer you get to this question would vary depending upon who you asked. If you ask somebody who has religiously followed weight loss plans and celebrity culture for a while there is a large chance that they will concur dieting plays the bigger role.

Likewise, however, those with a long background of exercise under their belts will be much more likely to advise you that you need to concentrate more on the fitness aspect of your lifestyle. Many people even go as far as to advise that if you do this effectively, you can pretty much eat whatever you want. So who is correct?

Neither approach is correct if you are trying to achieve your best possible physique.

Rather than see the potential benefits of both areas, people tend to place a priority on one over the other. This ends up leading them down a path towards failure, of course. For instance, if you ever hear somebody telling another person that your diet makes up 80 percent of your results and exercise only accounts for the other twenty percent, try to avoid falling into the same mentality.

At the end of the day you should be applying both factors if you want to see results and maintain them. If you are trying to work out how to lose weight and you only apply the rules of one principle you will tend to fall into one of two categories, both of which can be seen at most gyms and workplaces around the world:

* The person who consistently follows new eating plans, often picked up from celebrity gossip magazines or New Year weight loss plans. They don't combine this with regular exercise, though, and even though they are able to drop some pounds through a healthier lifestyle they don't actually look any healthier at all. They haven't worked out, so their body is no more toned than it was three months ago.

* The person who seems to live in the local gym. They are there every time you walk through the door and they are still there when you leave, yet they certainly don't work there! These people are more than happy to do endless hours of cardio or throw the weights around, but the most they look into their eating habits seems to be a protein supplement when they're finished exercising. These folks are usually equipped with fairly well defined muscles in their shoulders, arms and chest but pair it with a pot belly or undefined, flabby abdominal muscles.

Of course, it wouldn't make sense to knowingly put yourself into one of the two boxes shown above. If you want to build a better body you're going to have to learn how to apply both aspects to your lifestyle, otherwise you will not be very happy with your results.

It's almost like trying to decide whether fuel is more important than your car. At the end of the day, neither is very useful on their own. The correct approach is to apply both factors to your lifestyle and realize that neither is more important than the other. They are not in competition for your attention, they are two things which are designed to work together. If you are able to apply the basic principles of a good nutritional plan and a healthy workout program you will see positive change and the results will be sustainable, too.

The final word on this subject goes to bodybuilder Jay Cutler. During a recent tv spot, an interviewer asked the question is diet more important than exercise and the response was excellent. It's one hundred percent exercise, and it is also one hundred percent diet. This concept works whether you are trying to get into bodybuilding or simply trying to learn how to lose weight more effectively.

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