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Exercises for getting toned and sexy arms

By Steve Junto

Do you suffer from flabby arm syndrome? Are you looking for effective exercises to trim down your arms? If so, then we've got some great exercises for you. There are no magical solutions other than hard work and exercise to give you the tone arms you see in magazines. Toned arms not only help you to wear old dresses but also make you more presentable and appealing to others! But the most important thing is - you must find a solution that gives you long-term effect and exercise is the only way! However, here is a brief exercise guide to keeps arms more attractive, slick and sexy:

Dumbbell Curl - this is one of the best exercises to shape your upper arm and bicep. When done correctly you'll be able to recognize significant changes in your biceps. It's being used by bodybuilders since nearly the beginning of time. There are multiple variations to the bicep curl, and we recommend working in many of them to your routine to strengthen your bicep muscle in many ways. The dumbbell curl form is quite simple and straightforward. You'll stand up straight and hold the dumbbells in each hand and keep your elbow close to your hip. Move your wrist forward and curl each dumbbell up with each repetition, usually 6-10 times each arm. You can also do this exercise on an incline, which is very similar to the standard bicep curl, the only difference is you just need to sit 40-60 degrees on an incline bench and do the replicate the standard dumbbell curl form.

Triceps Dips - triceps dips can be completed in one of two ways - backward and forward. Usually forward triceps dips can be performed using gym equipment. Backward triceps dip also known as - bench dip (both exercises fall into body weight exercise category). Another variation of triceps dips also available and widely used by fitness instructors called - kneeling. For triceps dip - hold the dip bar firmly and mount your shoulder - now put your body down and push up using your hand. Put your body weight in your hand and continue the process. In kneeling - instead of legs, bend your knee and repeat the process. Bench dip is something different than the previous two exercises. You'll place yourself in two bench and push away one bench slightly to your leg's length and place your heels in it, and place your hand on the edge of another bench and finally, lower your body and bend your arm until your legs stretch. Keep pressure on your hand and push your body upwards. Repeat the exercise according to your fitness instructor's guide.

Resistance Band Curl - resistance band curls are a medium intensity exercise. The most interesting thing about resistance band exercise is - you can do lots of exercises with the bands. You can carry the resistance bands nearly anywhere and perform the exercise. You can buy a branded resistance band from the local fitness store or you can buy online. However, resistance band curls are simple to perform. You'll stand straight and place the resistance band under your feet and grasp the handles tightly. Finally, pull the handle like dumbbell curl (curl your hand towards your shoulder). If you feel the band does not give you the desired resistance, then you can hold two light weight dumbbells in your hand to complete the exercise.

Finally, it's important to keep in mind that doing only bicep exercises doesn't give you the best results. While creating your exercise plan, it's important to remember that you should also designate workouts for your shoulders, forearms, and core as well.

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