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Reach Your Goal With The Right Weight Training Exercises

By Emmanuel Palmer

Reach Your Goal With The Right Weight Training Exercises

Gym memberships are comprised mainly by two very different groups of people: those who want to trim down, and those who want to bulk up. If you want to lose the excess pounds, you'll be put on a low-calorie and high-cardio program. To build bigger muscle however, you will go the opposite direction and increase calorie intake while undergoing a physically demanding weight training exercises aimed to get you that colossal physique.

Let us concentrate on the latter group of people for this particular article. If this is you, one of the first things you need to do is to amp up your body mass. Experienced trainers suggest a high intensity workout of 45 to 75 minutes. This means that you have to do your cardio on certain days and only minimally. A maximum of 90 second break between sets will help capitalize your training sessions.

There are many fancy machines and trendy exercises out there but usually it's the simpler ones that prove most effective. For instance, the squats are still the best exercise you can do for your legs. Slightly shift your position and you can emphasize specific areas of your leg. Add to this by including lunges and calf raises.

There are opposing views as to which are the most effective chest exercises one should use. The bench press is the perennial go-to for men who aspire to get that barrel chest. However, many people who do not exercise this still have amazing results which they have gotten from performing flyes and pullovers. There is no right or wrong answer. You do what you believe will benefit your body the best. The vital factor is challenging your body to go to the next level by increasing weights and varying angles and reps/sets.

For guns as big as a wrestler's, do strong bench dips and bicep curls. Use high weights and increase them even more as you progress. You will notice the difference soon enough. Your arms will feel the strain the days after your training; and if they are still sore, do not exercise them yet. Over training the muscles will do you more harm than good in the long run.

Use pull-ups to exercise your back and military press (sitting and standing) to beef up your shoulders. There are a number of back and shoulder drills which you should also use but these are some of the most effective by far. Modify your workouts every two to six weeks because your body needs to be pushed to its endurance limits for your weight training exercises to work.

Because your goal is to gain weight and add on to your body mass, heavy cardiovascular workouts are not recommended. However, you still have to engage in light aerobic training regularly. Even if your fitness goal is to bulk up, your heart's health should take precedence before anything else.

And finally, give your weight training exercises a boost by performing your best every single time. Sure, you can rush through your drills in poor form and lackluster energy but expect corresponding results. Go into it strong. You will not only get to build bigger muscle - you will get the satisfaction of a job well done.

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