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You Don't Have Time To Exercise Because Of Your Busy Lifestyle?

By Howe Russ

You Don't Have Time To Exercise Because Of Your Busy Lifestyle

In today's society it's very common to hear people talking about how they feel they don't know how to lose weight or simply haven't got time to fit it into their schedule. In fact, a recent poll revealed that a shocking 87% of people in Britain feel they don't have time to lead a healthier lifestyle. Today's post will give you the simple rules to help you get great results without it dominating your day.

Usually the reason we fall into this negative mindset comes down to simple little things which turn out to be nonsense. For instance, we all know one friend who seems to live at the gym and that can lead us to believe we would need to do that if we wanted to get some results. It's not true. You can make an incredible change with a few small, easy changes to your existing lifestyle.

You don't even need to go to the gym to start seeing results. If you talk to any professional bodybuilder or sports athlete they'll tell you that abs are carved in the kitchen, not the weights room, so the most important changes to be made are things you can do at home right now. The points below lay things out sensibly for you.

* Ignore hyped up diets, often endorsed by celebrities, offering instant and effortless results. They're nothing but marketing gimmicks designed to take your money. Notice the same celebrities in six months time back out of shape, before releasing yet another workout dvd the following festive period. It's a career for them, and it promotes unhealthy yo-yo dieting.

* If you aim to follow a lower carb intake in a bid to cut some weight you need to increase your protein intake to avoid burning muscle.

* Work at a slight calorie deficit and you will lose weight, it's that simple.

* Taking a day off from your diet every week or two is a great motivational tool.

* Your body can use protein more effectively than either carbs or fats, so if you fancy a quick snack try to load up on something which has a decent protein content.

As you can see in the list above, you can make a great start towards building the body of your dreams before you even take out a gym membership! But when it comes to exercise, once again we meet up with this odd false idea that it needs to become the main thing in your day...

How long do you have during the day for a potential workout? Even if it's as little as fifteen minutes the fact is you can do something. Don't make excuses or you won't make progress.

The key to fat loss is keeping your heart rate elevated. Short bursts of intensity followed by moderate recovery periods work fantastically well at doing this for you. Any situation and environment can be used as a makeshift gym. If you have a floor, you can do a workout. If you have a chair, you can do a workout!

The basics still work the best when it comes to exercise and fitness. Go back to proven exercises like pull ups, push ups and squats because the science behind them stands tall above any other exercise in the book. Circuit style training can be done using the majority of basic body weight movements and, believe us, it's not as easy as it looks written down on paper!

In any gym around the world these days you can hear people talking about the reasons they haven't achieved the body they want. They often say things like they don't have time to workout regularly, can't follow a diet or don't understand how to lose weight. The truth is they are often making excuses. If that's currently you, then today's post will help you to break free from that mentality and enjoy some positive change in your life!

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